Our Problems Are Better Than Your Problems

by We're Not Dead

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released March 3, 2013

Recorded March 1st and 2nd, 2013 @ Goldentone Studio by Rob McGregor.

We're Not Dead is Emelia, Derrick, Shane, Tommy, and Mikey.

All songs by Mikey Hawkins and We're Not Dead.

Gang vocals by We're Not Dead.



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We're Not Dead Daytona Beach, Florida

We are all tractors.

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Track Name: Inevitability (Killed Mikey the Meatball)
sometimes it feels
like this place is sinking
and soon we'll all be gone
all i can hear is
the clock and its ticking
sounds like it's telling me to
move on

for 29 years he's been digging a hole
and making a habit out of sleeping alone
so how much longer until he fucking explodes

i can't do this on my own

how much longer will i walk in the footsteps
of all the failures that walked here before me
look out at the atlantic on a saturday night
and wonder why true love can't find me
my hometown it drags me down
but if it's nothing else it's mine
you think you know where we're going
but i really do doubt it
'cause i think we got left behind
Track Name: What Is Happening Is What Is Happening
it's like you're throwing shit at the wall
just to see what'll stick
i can't listen to you anymore
we've finally had enough of it
you alienate your friends
and then you try to pretend
you're just a victim of circumstance

*so just disappear
like you were never here
Track Name: We Don't Give A Shit About Buttholes
if you don't get it by now
then you never fucking will

fuck shit
Track Name: Our Amps Are On Fire
i wanna remember these times
for the rest of our lives
so let's do ourselves a favor
and never think twice
we gotta play it now
and we gotta play it fast
'cause we're alive today
and not dead in the past
turn it up, turn it up
and sing it fucking loud
we got a job to do
and we gotta do it now
let's go, let's go
there's no time to waste
don't wait another second
it'll be too late
stand up

i wanna show you
what it was like
back in the days
when we'd hang out all night
i didn't know you
but i know you now
and even when i didn't
felt like i did somehow

they always told me, "sing about what you know"

this place used to make me feel so desperate
but now i don't think i ever wanna leave it
i can't
'cause i wrote all of my songs about it
Track Name: Don't Eat the Leeway Tapes
no one ever told you
that your glory days are over
and no one gives a fuck
about standing on your shoulders
and we don't owe you shit
'cause you had nothing to do with this
so stick it up your ass
because we're tired of hearing it

you can't expect respect
when you spit in my face
and you can dish it out
but it's give and take
you never gave a shit
about the fucking kids
and when you're gone
you won't be missed
fuck it
Track Name: Get A Job Grouch
i'm not playing favorites
so get over yourself
i'm here just as much for me
as for anyone else
and from where i stand
i've got the ideal view
to look past the mask
and see the real you

and what i'm seeing
just doesn't impress me
'cause you've given up on
that mattered once
what about us
it's some kinda shame
but in the end you're
still the same

assholes think they know everything
Track Name: Our Problems > Your Problems
everyone's packing their shit
and heading somewhere else
something about finding themselves
well i've been down that road and i can't say
that i blame them

but i learned a lot about who i was
and who i could be be
but no matter where i go
this place is always gonna feel like home

all the young punks grew up
wonder what's becoming of us
and they can say what they want
but they can't say we ever gave up
Track Name: Tractorman: Revengeance
i r follow the path
i r filled with wrath
i iz product of earth
i iz mechanically birthed

fields to plow
bells will ring
men shall die
revengeance i am now bring

rise tractor rise
Track Name: Polar Bear Club (Silent Majority cover)
to me this is a life style and not some silly trend
and YEARS FROM NOW when they're all gone
i pray that we're still friends
in the sand at gilgo (daytona) beach
in the year two thousand and sixteen
i'll be 42 (32) and so will you
in our chairs right by the sea

faded tatoos on our legs and back
and our feet are buried in the sand
i just bought a microphone for my kid
'cause she's tryin' out for a band

"the time is now, the time is here"
this times forever am i clear

*I did mess the lyrics at the end up. Sorry.