Not Falling Apart Anymore

by We're Not Dead

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released April 9, 2012

Recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered on April 7th and 8th @ Goldentone Studio by Rob McGregor.

We're Not Dead is Emelia, Derrick, Shane, Tommy, and Mikey.

Acoustic guitar on "Sixth and Center" by Mikey.
Harmonica on "Sixth and Center" by Rob.
Melodica on "Sixth and Center" by Derrick.
Derrick sings on "My Mind Must Be Other Places.
Tommy sings on "There's No Revolution About Your Rock" and "A Fast Walk Into A Furious Woodchipper."

Gang vocals by We're Not Dead. Minus Shane. He had to leave early.

We are all tractors.


We've finished writing our new 7" for On Point Records: "Our Problems Are Better Than Your Problems." We record March 1st and 2nd and we'll have some new songs up shortly thereafter. Show in March, April, and three days with Bad Luck in May to follow. Thanks.



Monday March 25th
@ Mediterranian Experience
Daytona Beach, FL
w/Recreant, Ash Ketchum, and Mutant



all rights reserved


We're Not Dead Daytona Beach, Florida

We are all tractors.

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Track Name: Down Together
we're on a
one way flight
and we're goin down
and we won't give a fuck
when we hit the ground
cause they'll sing our song
sing it out
years from now
the faces and the places change
but i know inside we're still the same
i got a song to sing
and i wanna sing it with you
so sing it loud like we used to

we kicked against the shit
for so long now
stood up straight
no matter what came our way
we never gave, we never buckled
came home broke and we said "fuck 'em"

it's a sinking ship and we're all on it
and i wouldn't wanna miss a single minute
so sing it out 'til your chest caves in
we're goin' down together my friends
let's do it
Track Name: Make Way For the Bad Guy
let's get one thing straight
the last thing i wanted
was to let you down
so you'd lose your faith
but now it's over and done
i'm alone again
but i refuse to be ashamed

i've paid for mistakes i've made
in spades
and i deserved it then
but not today
it's time to crawl out of this cage
i've made for myself
and i don't need approval from you
or anyone else

this one's mine and i'm taking it back
taking it back

i'm not falling apart anymore
and i feel just fine
you can't blame me for this anymore
so don't even try
i'm not digging a hole anymore
i'm living my life
i'm gonna be alright i'm sure
i'm gonna be alright
Track Name: Fuck It, We'll Do It Live
the new era's finally here
and i'm so glad we made it
i see this army of angry kids
they're shoving their hearts right up in your faces

something from nothing
is what this is about
it's been ten years now
and i'm still around
yeah i'm still around

we made a grab for the torch
when it got passed
and we're holding it high
a bunch of fuck ups from the beach
and we’re doin just fine

so what'd you do for this place, man?
cause i wrote all of my songs with it in mind and
it made me yeah it shaped me
and no matter where i go
i won't leave it behind
Track Name: What Am I Going To Do This Month?
whoever said you can't go home
cause here we are again
it's you and me and them and us
just like it was back then
and maybe we're all growing up
i know we look a little older
and we're not getting any younger

so tell me somethin kid
what you gonna do
when the world starts pushing back at you
tell me somethin' that i don't know
i know
i've been there before
it's the dreamer's disease
and it ain't just you it's me
we're all in this together
forced to be measured
and it just don't apply

there's this little part of me
that's mine to keep
and i know
you've got it too
no matter where we go
i know you won't
forget it yeah
we won't buy in
'cause we're too smart for that
and they know it too
so let 'em keep handin out
all their abuse
cause we got miles to go
and all the time in the world

and they're not draggin me down
now that we're not around
we won't buy in
and they can't buy us out
Track Name: There's No Revolution In Your Rock
you've got that look that can get you places
and an empty song to sing to vacant faces
you'd have them all believe
that you're the definition of sincerity

but i'll tell you something
that you don't wanna hear
i can see right through
your fradulent veneer
who the fuck you think you're fooling
cause you're not fooling me
i know exactly who you are
and what you're trying to be

you're out of your depth kid
better watch where you're steppin
think you got something to say
just don't think for a second
that we're one in the same
even though you'll fuckin say it anyway

it doesn't matter
cause i can see
right through you
Track Name: Song For the Lions' Den
this one's for the kids
if they still exist
the ones who won't fall off
so if you give a shit
then sing it out

this still means something to me
like-minded friends, community
this still means something to me

this still means something to me
and i know that a lot of you still feel the same
so let them denigrate everything we've made
i know what i am and i'm not ashamed

we're not going away
you better get it straight
i'm still here 'cause i can't relate
to anyone around me

we're not going away
you better get it straight
we're still here 'cause we can't relate
the world keeps turning and still we all feel the same
still we all feel the same
Track Name: Don't Say Whatever To Me
it's got nothing to do with my age
i'm as relevent as i've ever been
and you still don't have anything to fucking say
Track Name: Some People Play Baseball
well i don't know what you're thinkin
i'll tell you what's on my mind
it's concern for a friend
who's fucked up again
and it looks like it's for good this time

but i don't blame you
cause no one ever gave you anything
just don't compensate
by slowly killin yourself
i hate seein you livin this way

your back was turned
to all the bridges you burned
no need to build 'em all up again
so when i saw you slippin
givin in to misgivings
i should've held out my hand

too far gone
not yet
no way
Track Name: A Fast Walk Into A Furious Woodchipper
you've been sinking so low for so long
and you don't seem to think you're doing anything wrong
we tried to pull you back
but you take for granted everything you fucking have
and we've had enough

you're just dead weight
and i just can't wait
to cut you loose
this mess you've made
doesn't matter anyway
cause when you wake up
it'll be too late
when you wake up we'll all be gone
Track Name: My Mind Must Be Other Places
all these miles i've spent by myself
chasing down dreams i couldn't figure out
without turning my whole life upside down
for what it's worth i think i'm better now

always such a sucker for something romantic
and now i've got the scars to prove it
but you know what it's a brand new day
and i think i'm finally ready

yeah the trouble just melts away
the moment i see this place
there's not a trace, not a trace of heartache
i know i've got friends to keep me in line
i'm back home again and everything's alright okay?

well here we go again
just like the last time
and i got my fingers crossed that it's not the last time
i got my best friends standing up here by my side

been gone for so long
but i'm finally back
i know you thought i wouldn't make it
but i'm better than that
i guess you probably thought this would've
fuckin broke me in half
but i pushed it through my fists
and watched it slip through the cracks
Track Name: We're Not Dead/Absent Friends
remember when i said
"this is fuckin it"?
well i was fuckin wrong
i still feel like singing the old songs
cause they're still in you and me

there's still some life
in us my friends
we're not finished
no we're not finished yet
you know the words
so lemme hear 'em again
we're not dead

i was too far gone
for so goddamn long
yeah i was thinking
something must be wrong with me
but it took an old friend
to put me back on track
so now i'm up here again
and you're singing it back to me

to all my absent friends:
'til i see you again
i know you know the words
so lemme hear 'em again and again
Track Name: Sixth and Center
when our invincible lives have finally passed us by
and the glory days are all but gone
all the faces that filled up this place
they look different to me
so is it so wrong
to turn and run the other way
before i become what i said i'd never be?

i used to say i'd trade
weeks of these days
for another minute
but that was back then
and now i don't mean it
you know those times that we’ll always remember
wouldn't feel the same if they lasted forever
i've spent too many years running in circles
throwing punches at a world that's got me uncertain
but the only one i ever end up hurting at all is me

but you can hear it in our songs
all the young punks are growing up
Track Name: Tractor Man: Redemption
we are all tractors